Hotel Worker Videos

A selection of videos by and about Unite Here Local 11. Video and audio quality varies. View and download these and other videos in our Memory Work L.A. video collection on Vimeo.

City on the Edge. 1992,
We Are Local 11. 1993,
Local 11 Presenta Cesar Chavez. 1993,
USC: Uneasy in South Central. 1995,
USC Dining and Housing Workers Demonstration. 1995,
Taking on the New Otani. 1996,
New Otani TV Coverage. 1996,
Labor Dispute at Summit Hotel. 1998,
Diplomas for Justice. 1998,
David & Goliath. 1999,
Santa Monica 2002 Living Wage Campaign: News Reports. 2002,
Housekeepers Downtown Demonstration (2004) Spanish and English Media. 2004,
UNITE HERE 2004 Protests. 2004,
One Union, One Fight. 2005,
Victory at Last: Los Angeles Hotel Workers Reflect on Winning a Contract, June 2005. 2005,
Standing Together: Community & Hotel Workers in LA. 2006,
I Am a Human Being. 2008,
Century Blvd, 9/28/2006 Action. 2008,
Noticias: UNITE-HERE LAX Hilton Action September 28, 2006 (Spanish). 2008,
Adios Arpaio: Organizing the New Arizona. 2012,
Changing Lives, Changing L.A. 2018,
Change Is What We Do. 2021,

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