Police disrupt janitors march on Century City, June 1990

During a 1990 strike against cleaning contractors in the Century City office complex, Los Angeles police confront and beat janitors and their supporters. The confrontation led to a city inquiry into police officers’ actions, and a settlement between janitors and their employers. This video compilation was produced by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and shared with other locals on VCR tapes before being converted to digital and distributed via YouTube.

Baker, Bob. “Police Use Force to Block Strike March Labor: About Two Dozen Demonstrators Are Injured during Protest by Janitors in Century City.: [Home Edition].” Los Angeles Times (Pre-1997 Fulltext), June 16, 1990, sec. Metro; PART-B; Metro Desk. http://search.proquest.com/latimes/docview/281089965/CBC4CFD8B6684D0BPQ/14?accountid=14512.